1) I have a conference comming up in a few month and we need a few hundered keypad for a survey. How do we go about executing this?

Ans: Well to start of with, you need to provide us with list of questionaire which we would upload into our software and map the keypads into the system. The system is now ready for use.

2) What does your system consist off?

Ans: The System consist of keypads, a base station, Teacher controller and the software.

3) What is the make and model of your products?

Ans: We deal with German as well as Chinese manufactured keypads.

4) What is the frequency and range of your voting systems?

Ans: The frequency of our keypads is 2.4GHZ and the range is about 80 meters in radius.

5) Will you provide service from the start to the execution of the event and would you provide us with Man power as well.

Ans: Yes, we would provide all the service required for a smooth execution of the consignment. This would include our system along with the required man power.

6) Where can I use Audience Response System?

Ans: In meetings/conventions. Audience Response Systems provide a way to vote on various issues anonymously. This helps resolve conflicts and allows everyone in the meeting to voice their opinion without having to worry about others knowing what they voted for. Audience Response Systems can also be used for session evaluations and agenda development. Finally, Audience Response Systems help make your meeting more interactive.

7) Where can I use Audience Response System?


  • In trade shows/expos. Audience Response Systems can be used for customer surveys, keynote presentations, or workshops.
  • For education/trading. Audience Response Systems can be used for management or sales training, as well as in academic classrooms.
  • In advertising research. Audience Response Systems can monitor how people feel about new products by allowing members of the audience to take quick attitude and opinion surveys.

8) How can I use Audience Response System when creating a meeting?

Ans: Before a meeting takes place, an Audience Response System can be used to prepare the session design. You can also design a questionnaire that can be given during the meeting. If you are dealing with clients, it is usually a good idea to print a copy of the questionnaire to show the client. Once it is approved, the Audience Response System can be used during your rehearsal to make sure that you are well prepared for the event. Add any impromptu questions that you may have, and you are ready for your meeting to begin.

9) Advantages

  • Instant assessment of audience performance
  • Provides a means for all audience members to participate "equally"
  • Attendees may be more involved and content with their experience.

10) How Do Audience Response System works?

Ans:The Audience interacts with the presentation by using wireless keypads. Each presentation slide shows a question and provides many possible responses to that. When all the participants have responded or if the time runs out, the data is displayed within the Presentation for the audience.