IVoter provides Audience Response Systems for sale
and Event Rental solutions for organizations

About Us

  • IVoter is a division of Big Fat Technologies Private Limited.
  • Exceeding user expectations since 2005
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  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Guarantees positive results
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  • Common Questions that client ask while renting the keypad
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Welcome to Ivoter

IVoter provides Pioneer Audience response Systems for sale and Event Rental solutions for organizations looking to add technology, interactivity and measurement to live events and trainings. Exceeding user expectations since 2005 our technology is simple to use, cost effective, and guarantees positive results. Whether you’re looking for Audience Response System purchases, rentals or staffed service, we have an option that will fit your budget and match your unique goals and objectives.

IVoter enhances the impact and quality of our customers' conferencing environments through our state of the art systems. This has been our goal since our inception—and continues to be our core focus today.

Whenever necessary, audience response keypad’s unique ID allows you to cross-reference each participant’s answers, which makes it easy to speed up session, speaker and event assessments and evaluations.

Our system help you speed up your decision making thus enhancing your goal and speeding up your companies growth possibilty.

Our response system includes software that runs on the presenter's computer that records and tabulates the responses by audience members. Generally, once a question has ended (polling from the audience has ceased), the software displays a bar chart indicating what percent of audience members chose the various possible responses. For questions with right/wrong answers, audience members can get immediate feedback about whether they chose the correct answer, since it can be indicated on the bar chart. For survey-type polling questions, audience members can see from the summary how many other audience members chose the same response, along with how many audience members (or what percent of the audience) chose different responses.